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In about 25 years from now I can imagine having a conversation with my kids that goes something like this. "Son, back in my day we used to store all our data on a single computer." My son in turn says, "Dad, that's crazy, I have every song I've ever listened to and every movie I've ever watched on my brand new ibrain, anytime anywhere" and I say "Worse yet, we had to return to that computer in order to access those files, in the snow, without shoes on..." (You get the idea) Although I'm partly kidding, for most this how personal computing still works. Ask anyone who's ever lost a hardrive and they will tell you that your data is your life and for the most part your life is stored on a single computer. If you lose that computer, you lose, well, your data. (No dramatics sorry) This begs the question, wasn't the emergence of cloud computing supposed to help solve these t... (more)

EC2 & Windows: Windows Application Streaming on Amazon EC2

Reuven Cohen's Blog Software deployment via streaming is perfect for remote delivery across the Internet because it streams only the application functions that an end user actually needs and only when those functions are needed. I just got off a phone call with Mike Culver at Amazon. During the call we discussed some of limitations of the use of Windows based AMI's during which I had an epiphany. First of all the the traditional ideas of an AMI Bundle have been dropped because of Microsoft licensing limitations. For traditional EC2 Linux users, a local file system image can be bund... (more)

Introducing Semantic Cloud Abstraction & The UCI Working Group

The CCIF and its members have recently focused on creating a common cloud taxonomy and ontology. I find it's starting to sound a lot like semantics, Cloud Semantics. We are in a sense defining what cloud computing is by describing its "components" and their relationships to one another. One that is capable of expressing cloud computing and its subsequent parts in terms of a consensus data model. So in this effort we may actually be defining a dynamic computing model that can, under certain conditions, be 'trained' to appropriately 'learn' the meaning of related cloud & infrastruc... (more)

Is Cloud Computing Becoming a National Security Risk?

I'm back from Stockholm and starting to get caught up with my various blog reading. In one of the more interesting posts, Ken Fischer asks a very thought provoking question on his web 2.0 blog, his question is simple yet far reaching, "What would be the economic impact of Google mail going down be?" Fischer says that "In the next 5 years or so, there will be a massive shift from single server to cloud computing as well as an increasing reliance on everything being always up because of the interwoven nature of the semantic web. Websites andwebservers will no longer be individual a... (more)

White House Leading Cloud Computing Charge

Very interesting developments today from the U.S. federal government on cloud computing. Bob Marcus at the OMG has sent me an overview of a White House Cross-Cutting Programs Document released earlier. The document outlines the administration's 2010 budget requests. According to the document White House officials want agencies to launch pilot projects that identify common services and solutions and that focus on using cloud computing. I think the most important aspect of this announcement is that "cloud computing" is now being mandated from the highest levels of the U.S. governme... (more)